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What We Do

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Development Management

  • Site acquisition

  • Feasibility study

  • Concept design

  • Project planning & consultation (i.e. planning permit, covenant removal, etc.)

  • Architectural documentation management

  • Construction documentation management

  • Building permit (all types)

Project Management

Project Management

  • Superintendent services

  • Process control

  • Project scheduling

  • Development budgeting

  • Construction procurement

  • Contract management and delivery

  • Quality assurance

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Property Marketing

  • Market analysis

  • Market trends

  • Marketing materials preparation

  • Digital production

  • Events management

  • Public relations

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Build with us

Build your project with our own team of experienced and professional registered home builder.

Services we offer include:

  • Multi-unit development construction

  • Design consultation & assistance

  • Large-scale renovation

  • Knock-down & re-building

Project Timeline

acquiring land, managing all pre-development needs (site appraisals, feasibility analysis, due diligence & risk reviews).


site identification

further investigation of feasibility, including meeting with relevant authorities to address issues identified in this phase.


concept development


planning approval

submitting planning documents to council, engaging with all consultants & public advertising, and addressing concerns raised.


design development

progressing development concept after town planning permit is issued to an appropriate level for tendering or procurement.


completion & finalisation

completing subdivision, handing over building for settlement with all respective purchasers of the development units.


construction & contract  management

providing contract management services including review of variations, closely monitoring & managing the construction process.


project marketing

advertising the project to achieve off-the-plan sales, carefully appointing a suitable real estate agent for the best results.


development funding

assisting with the process of selecting a funding method from a financial institution and presenting developed plan to stakeholders.

We Will Give You

managing and preventing excessive changes to initial project scope

scope control

time management

setting up schedules and managing deadlines

single point of contact

integrating all information and accomplishing tasks in a timely manner

engaging with builders & contractors and tracking invoices

procurement administration

reducing or eliminating risks if problems cannot be prevented

risk mitigation plan

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